The tools of the trade, AD Management

As Active Directory administrators we are accustomed to our AD Users & Computer’s, Sites and Services and Domains and trusts snapin. And on their own they are great tools and can get some really good information or do some really smart tasks but in general it takes a long time to get tangible information out of the console, so for this we rely on other tools – Specifically im going to talk about Hyena.

From time to time you get requests to find out when people logged in (as i discuss here), but rather than going through the whole task of ADSIedit.msc etc wouldn’t you just love to right click an account and find it out right away ? If so say hello to Hyena from SystemTools.


This is a great piece of software for doing most AD & Computer management tasks faster, say i wanted to restart the KDC on a DC, its as simple as clicking the expand option on the server object clicking services and right click > restart > kdc.


Or lets find out when i last logged on or how many times ive logged into my home domain ?


There is so many great features that reduce overall admin time for many different tasks, so head on over to System Tools ( and grab an evaluation.

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