About me

Welcome to my blog, i ramble about most things that interest me !

I am Michael O’Brien, a prodigal child of the 80’s who lived in Wicklow up until 2011 when i decided to pack up and move up the country to Monaghan !

Ive been in IT Since 2005, I had a great internship with Volkswagen Company IT in Germany; What a great experience i got to learn about things that they dont teach you in college like Processes, Problem Solving and Dealing with End Users; It was great but i had to come home. Luckly more or less immediately on July 18th, 2005 i landed a Job Contracting Into HP Ireland on the Bank of Ireland Account, i quickly gained a name for myself advancing through the Ranks of Deskside, Wintel and 3rd Level Teams becoming a permanent member of staff;  I was lead Windows T2 Consultant on big HP Accounts for a number of years, i cut my teeth with EUC, Active Directory and Wintel.
I had a great reputation as someone who was parachuted into complex accounts to bring things back into line and drive deeper customer relationships, importantly with account architects i was able to put customers down a technology path to get more from their technology investments and fundamentally change their organisations for the better. Towards the end of my time with HP i Lead a Team of exceptional Wintel and Messaging Engineers for one of the biggest Irish Accounts at the moment in what was a complex, secure environment. In July 2017 12 Years after i started in HP i left to become an Enterprise Active Directory Specialist driving Bank of Ireland’s Technology Transformation.
Somewhere along the way, i got a notion that i knew better than everyone else and became an architect! Its hard drinking all that coffee and eating scones. Im reminded that im not a real architect because ive never used a “Mainframe” or “AS400” whatever they are.