Windows 7

OK, So Recently i purchased a hp pavilion TX 2500 tablet pc which i think is a really sexy piece of kit, Coming with a duel core AMD Turion configuration with 3gb memory and a 250gb hard drive; Windows Vista Home Premium was the OS that came on it; I had to say for a product that looked so good vista just ran so poorly on it; My €1000 euro seemed wasted. I then decided to install Windows 7 Ultimate Beta 64bit edition to see how it runs.


Windows 7 had always impressed me on any hardware i had put it on recently, ive had it on everything from a P4 2.8 single core system (HP d530) to a custom built Intel Quad Core machine. The thing that has always striked me no mater what hardware that i put it on was the out of the box driver support. I think from Install to fully running machine took me 60 minutes with Win7. More or less all of my applications worked out of the box (Skype, Windows Live Writer, Messenger, Office 2007, Dreamweaver & Photoshop CS3).

It has always been my experience as well that, if you took all the tags and reminders that this is a Windows 7 beta you might actually think “Man this is allot better than Windows Vista”; There is times i forget that i am running a Beta Operating System. But im not the only one, no matter what is said about Windows 7 on digg ( its always positive or has great constructive criticism.

The one thing i will say is around the potential for Corporate clients, Vista introduced many new Group Policy enhancements and security features and Windows 7 although may not change so much under the hood in this respect will by virtue of the virtually lesser hardware requirements will mean that business will be able to maximise their use of Current hardware while taking advantage of the performance and Security enhancements.


I for one now cannot wait for Windows 7 to go into Full Release!!!

– Michael