Something i saw on digg today


The title of the article was what man can achieve in 40 years when you think about it compared to the previous 40 years how much progress have we made ? The honest answer is yes we have done alot, in the previous 40 we revolutionised our export and import networks; We brought our self’s into the Information technology age. Businesses for the first time could scale to Corporate type levels and be efficient thanks to Procurement, spend tracking and HR type systems.

The internet and email revolutionised the way we communicate and gave us the largest information resource available today, its very easy for us i guess to look at an age where we first set a foot on the moon and compare it to today where you are lucky to have a job. The media has probably compounded the issues we have, scare mongering was what really got us into this place in the first place and it had a global effect. Im lucky at the moment in the sense that im working for HP, we haven’t had any losses but we are taking preventative measures to save the company. There is a famous line in Star Trek 2: The Wraith of Khan:

The needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few.

Why do i quote this, well a few reasons really, we loose maybe 2000 people in this recession; If you think about it logically if those 2000 have to go to save 350000 isn’t that a worthwhile exercise ?


– Michael