System Center Essentials 2007

Its often the topic of most conversation within large business, How do you manage so many systems effectively given limited resources and financial constraints in these trying times. How do you deal with outages effectively, proactively and with minimal downtime ? You could probably sit for hours and script up alerting and output it to a command line mail program like BMail, but you still have to go off and log onto the server and fix whatever is wrong ? Right?

Email, Internet, Webservers, Application servers, Active Directories and other communications are the blood of any modern medium to enterprise business; In today’s fast paced IT driven world customers expect a faultless and fast service, its the job of IT to keep it all going 24/7 while maintaining patch levels, performance monitoring and service outage prevention.

There is many tools that can be used in conjunction with each other to keep your business up and running but none have the ease of use and ease of Microsoft’s System Centre platform. But before you slate me, let me talk for a moment about how this platform just works from installation, deployment of agents and setting up of alerts took only a matter of an hour; Specifically i am talking about System Center Essentials.