Internet Explorer Crashes on Start

So you got the error to say “Internet Explorer has stopped responding”, Windows goes and try’s to collate data and send it back to Microsoft… Normal enough yeh ? So you go to open it up again and hey presto its done the same thing… After this you restart and log back in and its still busted. What to do ?

Well don’t go formatting your pc or do a system restore just yet, we can fix these things!

Do the following!

  1. Click Start
  2. Type “Internet Explorer” into the Search Box
  3. Click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)


Hey presto it opens! Now goto Tools > Manage Addons. Under Show Make sure All Add-ons are selected Like below


Look down through the list and see if you spot anything that doesnt look right there, anything with unknown publisher that seems a bit suspect. Right click on it and go More Info


Click the Remove button if its highlighted; If not Goto the Folder location and delete the file that is shown. After you have done this, try close IE and open it using your normal icon. Hopefully it will now open up problem free!