Google Chrome OS, Thanks but No Thanks!

I like google to be honest, i like what google does and i like how they contribute positively to everything Web and free; So i come into the Chrome OS scene reading all the hype and all the headlines to say “Microsoft watch out” “Chrome OS will change the enterprise” so i sat there and went cool lets see if Google can pull it off. I went over to and got the VMWare Image. Let the games begin.


The boot time to be honest didn’t amaze me (25 Seconds) but that could just be something on my end, the main tab of Chrome OS consists of a list of “Applications” (In the Chrome OS context these are a series of Web Pages).

There is nothing that this OS gives that other Linux flavours don’t, in fact the design that it has taken limits it from most corporate implementations (Notes Client? Exchange Support? Active Directory ?).

Thanks google, nice try but not this time for me!