Outlook 2010 & Chrome Uninstall

After uninstalling Google Chrome it seems outlook has decided to have a complex about it, when clicking a link in an email I get the following message:


It turns out, it’s a pretty common error after uninstalling chrome http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=4c894d24ab6fac2d&hl=en

The fix is relatively easy:

1. Click Start, click Run, type Regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.
2. Locate the following subkey: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\.html
3. On the File menu, click Export.
4. In the Export Registry File dialog box, enter HKCU_Classes_HTML_Backup.reg and click Save.
Note: This will create a backup of this registry key in the My Documents folder by default.
5. Right click the (Default) value for the .html key and select Modify…
6. Change the value from “ChromeHTML” to “htmlfile”

Its odd given the age of the problem that this isnt included in the chrome uninstall.