Sharepoint Designer Logon Issues

As many IT Organisations have moved to Office 365 they have largely adopted modern versions of Office either Click to Run or Perpetual Editions. However there is a hangover of some legacy products which have been sunset, InfoPath and OneNote are some of the products that have had their final curtain call.

In both instances they live on in other products, Infopath functionality is largely delivered now by PowerApps; Enabling “Citizen” Developers to quickly throw together simple applications. In a way this is similar to how the sprawl of Access Databases used to happen on file servers of old; A glimps of some de-ja-vous in a way!

Onenote has been dealt a better hand in going on as OneNote for Windows, built into Windows 10; Some advanced functionality is lost but in recent times has started to catch up. So not bad there then?

The often forgotten Sharepoint Designer 2013 concludes the trio, Microsoft Announced its demise at Ignite in 2015 at its Sharepoint 2016 Launch; Its Direct Successor is a combination of Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. As of now support is starting to drop in Sharepoint Online as a recent issue has seen

This creates a small problem, alot of Organisations are getting hammered by their Security Teams about the issues with Basic / Legacy Authentication and their implications on Password Spraying attacks. The Microsoft Advice is largely move to Modern Auth ( unless your running Office 2010 (which is a terrible idea in itself) there is no excuse.

The only problem is, Sharepoint Designer by default does not have Modern Authentication enabled unless you are already running Office 2013 with MA for your O365 Tennant. However hope is not lost, even if Office 2013 is not on your machine (your using another version of Office that does or does not support MA [Im looking at you Office 2010!). Below is the dredded message, if you have MFA your double out of luck as this type of dialogue is the basic auth dialogue which does not support MA!

Sharepoint Designer Legacy/Basic Auth Dialogue

The Fix for this is actually simple, create the following 2 registry keys using your favorite management technology (Intune or GPO):


After setting these keys close sharepoint designer and any other Office 2013 application (Including Skype for Business 2015) and open sharepoint designer back up.

You should be able to log on perfectly now: